Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Do you remember when I told you

That I kind of have a thing for 3's?
That just having 2 is not a collection?
It goes a little further than that.
If I have(let's just say)a plant that's been potted in an old, weathered galvanized wash tub
(Because I couldn't find a big enough pot that I liked)
 And an old weathered metal cream can filled with(don't judge)fake hydrangeas

and that was the extent of the hypothetical weathered metal in that particular hypothetical room,
it would bug me.
It does bug me.
A lot.
Those two pieces are in my living room.
I NEED a third.
So I've been looking for a third piece of weathered metal to put in the room.
Anything new is way too shiny.
You can, apparently, tone down the shine one of two ways.
Leave the item outside for a year or more, and it will eventually look weathered.
Shocker, I know.
And more of a time commitment that I'm prepared to make.
Or, you can dip it in some sort of acid that I can't pronounce and that I'm fairly certain wouldn't be available at my local hardware store.
Then I remembered I had this old(weathered!)milk crate.
I also had a(nearly destroyed)basket full of shoes  by my front door.
(Let's see them destroy this basket!)

Two problems solved!

And really, I'm OK with just two problems solved. Three would be stretching it.
Thanks for reading!


judi said...

i love old weathered galvanized metal too..the more the merrier! i have old washtubs out in our yard with flowers in the summer but never thought of bringing it indoors for a plant.
i have, however, wanted to put our christmas tree in one and couldn't find a stand that would fit inside the tub AND hold the tree. i think i have a solution this year as i purchased a tub that's bottom was rusted i may be able to just slip it over and at least get the "look".

galvanized anything gives me the warm fuzzies!

judi ;)

gina3 said...

You just can't have too much galvanized or old, rusty metal in a room. There's just something about it.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Love, love that basket. I purchased 3 vintage locker baskets like that last year and I use them in kitchen all the time.

Sheri Howard said...

Let's see them destroy that basket indeed! "Three's" isn't just a collection, it is what all decorators and designers say...because it is appealing to the you are brillant!

Tamarah said...

....Suzanne I know EXACTLY what you mean....hahahahaha....Two just ISN'T enough....It's ALL ABOUT 3....!! LOVE your galvanised pieces ESPECIALLY that huge tub....Whenever I spy a piece when I'm out & about I snap it up....Buckets, watering cans, washtubs, basins & crates....I just can't leave them behind....Yum yum yum yum YUMMMMMMO....!!

Tamarah :o)

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I have the tub and the milk can, thanks for sharing and letting me know that I can still use them!
Thanks also for stopping by♥


Tina @ said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so happy that I chose today to "go public" with my obsession over your blog! :) I hope you had a great birthday.

The Obstinant Family said...

Oh I just saw two of these at an antique store and wanted it, but didn't know what to do with it, what a great idea...Thanks!!

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