Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where I Blog

I think I almost missed the party!
asked to see where people blog, and I thought I'd show you.
Right here in my living room.
My husband put the armoire together for me. It came in a kit, and since we didn't have a garage at the time and it was the middle of winter, he built it in the kitchen. 
I love it.
Because when things look like this
I can just do this.
Much better.
I like that I can see out either window. In the summer I have them open, and I can hear the wind in the trees and not much else.

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Make Your Own Junk Storage

I've been looking for a big basket to put under this table.  
I wanted a white one with a cute liner. Once again, I've had to let go of my shopping expectations. 
What I want does not exist here. There wasn't even anything I could spray paint.
Not to gripe or anything.
So anyway,
I have three of these baskets that go in a freezer, and about two years ago, I covered one with fabric.
It turned out kind of cute, so I decided to use it. But I wanted some handles on it. I had some left over rope, and decided to use that. I bought some grommets
that are used for making purses. I think they were about $1 each. You don't pound these in. You just take out the little screws, and after making some small holes in the fabric, screw both sides together, sticking the screws through little holes. It's really pretty easy. Once they were in place, I used a knife to cute the fabric in the middle of the grommet.
Then I put the rope through, and tied knots on the ends to keep the handle in place.

It holds all my vinyl and shelf paper that I use with my Cricut.
I have room for the other two and plan to make similar baskets with them, so when I do those I can show you how to do it, if you want. I made this one long before I started blogging and don't have any pictures.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Adapt And Let Go

I had this old lamp that I didn't like anymore.
It started out as a shiny brass lamp similar to this lamp.
 I got tired of it after about 2 minutes, and spray painted it black.
Something happened when I spray painted it and the paint turned out really rough, like sandpaper. It might have been too cold. But it looked a little like cast iron, and that was kind of cool, so I left it. And grew tired of after about 5 minutes. 
 I've been coveting this lamp
But the $100 price tag seemed a little, well, silly to me. It's a nice lamp, and I wanted it, but I wanted $100 in my pocket more.
I thought maybe I could fake it.
So I used this to cover the lamp.
I mixed up a thin batch, and used an old brush to spread the plaster all over the lamp.
I gave it several coats, then sanded it all smooth when it was dry.
Then I gave it a coat of some darker taupe paint that we had in the garage from some project that I don't even remember anymore.
Then I sanded it again because I didn't do a good enough job the first time, and painted it with the taupe paint again. (Just keeping it honest.)
I wasn't sure how I'd achieve the really worn and chipped parts of the inspiration lamp. 
 That's what makes the whole lamp, in my opinion. I did a search, and found that
 there are kits out there you can use (I saw that Michelle at Sweet Something Designs used one) but I was almost 100% certain I couldn't find them where I live, and I didn't want to order something online and then wait a week for it to show up. 
(I'm all about instant gratification, people!)
So I pulled out the Elmer's school glue and applied a light layer in the spots I wanted to age.
(You can get some pretty extreme crackle with glue. If you want really big crackle, use a lot and don't let it dry very much.)
When the glue was tacky but not all that wet, I went over the whole lamp with some off white craft paint, being careful to only brush over the glue spots once. If you brush over it a bunch of times it won't work.
I don't have any pictures of that step or the next few because I had become convinced at this point that this makeover was destined for the landfill and gave up on the documentation process.
But once the crackle started to show up, and before the glue was really dry, I took a toothpick and lifted out some of the larger spots of the crackled paint in the middle of each spot. 
And got this.
It's not the same, but I liked it OK.
Then I dabbed on some brown glaze and wiped it off in spots.
I found a lampshade I liked at Walmart. I was looking for a lighter one, but they didn't have one. Of course.
(One thing you learn when you live in a place that very few places to shop is to adapt and let go of your shopping expectations. So I adapted and let go of my expectation of having an ivory colored linen-like shade.) 
 I'm glad I got the darker color. It matches the dark spots on the lamp almost exactly.
The only money I spent on this was for the lampshade. So about $15. I had everything else on hand. 

I might get tired of after another 5 minutes, but that's OK. Maybe I'll find another one I like better between now and then.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Euww!!! Well, No, Wait...

We went for a drive the other day.
We had to stop and wait for this
 to cross the road.
It's a rattlesnake,
and he took his sweet time.
He seemed a little cranky.
He shook his rattle at us the entire time.
When we finally passed him, he turned and hissed at us! 
I don't hate snakes~I'm not really afraid of them, either.
 Shoes by Oscar de la Renta
They have their place.

Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but if you've never received a reply from me when you've left comments, this
is why. I'm not ignoring you, I promise!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not Just A Boring Pot Roast

I don't usually make this until the weather gets colder, but it was my son's birthday and this is what he requested for dinner. 
It's super easy, and really yummy.
You'll need
Some of this
 A jar of these
and a good pot roast. 

Just pour the liquid from the pepperoncini's onto the pot roast, and sprinkle a packet of italian dressing mix on top of that.

cook on low in a slow cooker (or crock pot. It will take more time in a crock pot, though.)until the meat is soft enough to fall away from the bone. (8 hours or so.)
Take it out of your cooker and shred it, then return all the meat to the slow cooker. If it's starting to dry out, you can add more liquid from the pepperoncini's, or you can just add water.
You can adjust the spiciness of this dish by adding the peppers either when you first start cooking, or later, just before serving. Cutting the seeds out of the peppers will make it milder, too.
 You can adjust how much seasoning and liquid you add if you're using a larger roast. Mine is about 4 pounds.

See? Super easy, and really tasty.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This Looks Better To Me

I showed you this
 It was my rejected paint finish on the arm of this chair.

It used to belong to my husband's grandparents. It sat on their patio for as long as I could remember.
I've been wanting a chair for our master bath for awhile, and decided this could work in there.
I had this old drapery panel
that I bought a few years ago at Target, and thought it would look good on the seat.
I just used some old foam I already had.
An electric carving knife works well for cutting foam.
And since I don't have a stapler, I used this
to attach the fabric to the seat.
(But you can't call me totally lazy~I did make sure the duck tape matched the fabric! Also, this way I can wash it when it gets dirty.)
 (This was stenciled on the bottom of the seat. Something tells me that the G-men of yesteryear who parked their fannies in this chair would not fully appreciate this makeover.)

After yesterday's disastrous paint job, I decided to use more of the "Gulag Gray" paint that I used on this project, but I lightened it with some white paint.
And here she sits.
I can't decide of I like that cushion on the back.
Or if I like this pillow on the back.
Or if I like nothing on the back.
I do like having it here, though. 
I sat in it and gave myself a pedicure this morning and contemplated buying new bath mats. I think I need new ones.

And if I get tired of it here, I can move it to our bedroom. Or our spare bedroom.

It's not a mind blowing makeover.
But I think it looks kind of cute, for a simple little chair that cost me nothing.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When It Comes To Paint Finishes

 There is a fine line
between interesting
and hideous.
And I'm pretty sure
I've crossed it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A facelift

We had this little bookshelf
 and there was not one thing cute or special about it.
(this is actually the back. I didn't realize until I started writing this post that I only got 'before' pictures of the back. The fact that there wasn't much difference whether you saw it from the back or the front should tell you how unspecial this piece really was.)

Just worn out old oak with some sort of black stain on top and no back.
It's just the right height for a side table.
And I figured that it was so plain Jane that it wouldn't take much to make it cuter. Sand it, prime it,
slap some bead board on the back, some ivory paint and light distressing, and voila!
 Much less of an assault on the eyes.
Is there anything
that can't be made cuter with bead board and paint?

Well yeah, those.
(Yes, I am anti-croc.)

Thanks for reading!

A Little Knick Knack

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