Monday, January 3, 2011

Freezer Basket Storage Container

I showed you this basket a few months ago
And promised a tutorial.
And then promptly forgot about it.
But as I was dreading pondering how I might get organized this year(and wondering where I would put all my STUFF!), I remembered.
This basket is from an old freezer. I covered it with some fabric and then added handles to it.
I did this one a little differently.
 Instead of covering it, I just made a liner.
I'll show you how. (Those of you who really sew, a word of caution. The way I did this might really drive you nuts, so avert your eyes. I don't do patterns and I eyeball things more than I measure them.)
I cut a piece of fabric (part of an old cotton tablecloth)to the size I wanted. I should have measured, but I just eyeballed it and it worked out. I decided I wanted an overhang, so I guesstimated 4 inches on all sides and started cutting. (If you're using something besides scrap fabric that you spent actual $$ on and it makes your nervous to wing it, you might want to measure before you cut.)
Turn the freezer basket over, and drape it with the cloth.
It worked out that I had (about) four inches on all four sides that would overhang the top of the basket. If it's not exact when you get to this part, just trim it so it's all even.
Then start pinning. If you want to make a mark on the top to make sure you have the fabric where you want it, that would be smart. I used a pin, and it worked too.
Pin all four corners straight down, making sure the fabric fits smoothly. If you're putting the fabric over the basket, don't pin it super tight. If it's going to be a liner, pin it so it's taut, but not tight. 
Line your seam up with the pin, then take the pin out. Start sewing.
I just aimed at the other pins, going in a (mostly) straight line and removing each pin before I got to it. 
(I've broken so many needles on pins I've left in.)
Do all four corners, and then
see if it fits OK.
I thought it was fine, so then I just cut the corner flaps off.
I was about 1/2 inch from the seam.
I didn't want to hem the edge that went all the way around the top of the basket. I thought it would look cute if it were a little frayed.
This isn't the best picture, but I sewed a double line all around the top of the liner.
Then I trimmed a little off.
I tore about a half inch off all the way around.
And I started fraying. If you take a straight pin and drag it across the unfinished part, it's easy to loosen the threads you want to pull out.
I frayed all around the edge.
Because I used a different color of thread in the bobbin, I have two looks. 
White, or
Khaki. I kind of wish I'd done an even darker color. It would show up better. Hindsight. I also didn't finish the corner seams. You could sew hem tape over the seam to make it look nice, or do a french seam. I thought I'd just let these fray on their own so they'd eventually all match. That's my story. It was on purpose.
It only took about an hour, and cost me nothing but time. And it's cuter in person. I promise.

If you're covering the basket with fabric, you just fold the top of the liner into the basket and hand stitch it in place.

If you don't have any freezer baskets, I'd go find a mom and pop repair shop that has all the old unrepairables laying around, and see if they have any baskets they'd be willing to sell. I'll bet you could get them cheap. (Or, you know. The landfill. Think of it as environmentally responsible and not icky and scavengerish. Yes, that is a made up word. But you know what I mean. But if you just can't make yourself do that, try the mom and pop repair place.)

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Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

What a terrific and stylish way to upcycle.

Hey, what' the piece of diamond-painted furniture in the background? Have I seen that here before?

Inspire Me Heather said...

It turned out lovely! I've been on the hunt for metal baskets here, I want to incorporate some into my decor ...and ones just like yours!

poindextr said...

Very very cute way to make an attractive basket! I love the way you did the handles too. If I happen to stumble across any odd baskets, I'll definitely remember this idea. So fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

gina3 said...

Okay, I could actually maybe make those liners with that tutorial. That looked pretty easy and really super cute! Love the fraying.

Miss Gracie's House said...

those are so cute but you lost me at the sewing machine:)...enjoyed seeing your favorite projects post...*where* did you get your farm sink? Local?

NanaDiana said...

What a great idea! Love it- I do a lot of "eyeballing" too! lol Hey- when did you get that big growth on your arm with the pins sticking out of it? Looks painful- bwahahaha..xxoo Diana

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

You are a great winger! It turned out so good. Now I want some old wire baskets to do this too. The frayed edges and top stitches are a great touch.

Great eye Yanet! What is that piece? I like it too.

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Oh gosh Suzanne, I just left my comment about your liner down on the giveaway post! What a ditz I am. I clicked your link to check out the giveaway and then forgot it wasn't all the same post! Anyway, love your liners and your easy tutorial. You should link that to Jamie's Air your Laundry party this week at Freckled Laundry!

maureen said...

I love the way the liner turned out, and what a cool idea for reusing those baskets.
And I sew the exact same way. Usually the first try doesn't turn out so well. I have to do it a second time for the project to turn out good enough.
Yous is great though.
xo maureen

Sue said...

Just too cute, Suzanne. I bought a basket in the fall, just because.... and now I know what to do with it! I need to get started on some projects- I've been cleaning and purging closets, drawers, etc, etc. and now I have oodles of stuff that needs to be dealt with. Thanks for the idea! ~ Sue

It's Just Me said...

Oh Suzanne, that is so cute. I LOVE the baskets with a liner. I have an old bike basket and you've inspired me to line it. Thanks : )

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