Monday, February 28, 2011

Be Nice

My friend Caroline runs a sideline business with her husband. While he's at work, she takes care of the customers.
She was telling me the other day that some of the customers aren't very nice to her. Some of them are just plain rude. Which I don't get at all, since she's about the nicest person on the planet.
So I made her a sign to put up next to the cash register, if she wants to.
 I tried a new method with this one.
I found this
At Hobby Lobby,(I had a coupon, so I didn't pay that much) and decided to give it a whirl.
I got a board
which is really the back of a piece of scrap paneling.
I painted it white with craft paint. I brushed the paint on vertically, then horizontally. I did several coats that way.
(I'll tell you why in a minute.)
Then I printed out the words in a typewriter font. This is a pretty forgiving font. If you mess up a little, it's OK. You don't need perfection with this font.
Then I put a strip of painters tape where I wanted the letters to go. 
I could see the tape through the paper, and just lined the letters up on top of the tape. (Somehow, even though I was careful, I did still get one wonky letter. That usually happens. If you don't point it out to people, they almost never notice. So here I am telling you there's a wonky letter. I should just shut up.)
I taped them in place only on the top.
That way I could slip the transfer paper under the printer paper.
Then I traced each letter with a ball point pen using some firm pressure.
This is what I ended up with. The marks the transfer paper make are erasable, so I didn't sweat the mistakes too much.
Then I used a paint pen
And started filling things in.
(can you see the brush marks in the white paint? This next part is where they come in handy.)
I took a razor blade and scraped across the letters when they were dry. The brush marks from the white paint helped leave a nice texture and grunged the letters up a little. 
Then all I had to do was add a border around the edge of the sign. I just used this.
 And then I grunged it up more with some of this.
 And a wet paper towel.
It was kind of like sponge painting.
Now I'm wondering if I should have left off the exclamation mark.
Should I cut that part off?

Thanks for reading! 


Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Using transfer paper is my favorite way to do signs. I like it with the exclamation sign, personally.

Mel said...

I love this and can think of so many places I would use it; like at my office LOL

I think the exclamation mark works well.

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

This so cool, and I love the exclamation point. I'm not surprise about the rude people, sadly I have seen so many people being rude these days {not directly at me, but in general} that makes me wonder if for this century we decided to leave the manners behind.

Roseanna said...

Very nicely done, I would leave the exclamation mark, it is a little less serious that way.

Holly @ Roller Coaster Life said...

i love it!! how easy!! i never thought of using transfer paper, you so smart!

i love exclamation points!!!!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I'd leave the exclimation mark, if her customers are like she says this will help her make a point:)


Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

sometimes you just have to be blunt with rude people and the exclamation mark means business. I run into RUDE people all the time, hey, can I do this on a T-shirt?lol. Seriously, why do people not use their manners when they are out in public????.

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

I love this! I think I need some transfer paper, for sure!

Sara @ thesherlockshome said...

I like the exclamation point. And I would have loved this sign when I was doing customer service!

A Vintage Vine said...

Transfer paper rocks! Such a great sign and you're a great friend to make her one!

Jeannetta said...

I vote keep it!

poindextr said...

Very ingenious using the bi-directional brush strokes to assist with the finish effect you were seeking. That would absolutly never have occurred to me. Ever. I really hope the gentle reminder works with your friend's customers. little nudge in the right direction.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that is perfect! i can't stand rude customers! there is no need to be rude.

tale of many cities said...

fun! don't ya wish you could just SAY that!?!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Morning Lovey....!

You know....When you consider it takes SO MUCH more energy to be NASTY you really do wonder why people BOTHER going to the effort....!!

I LOVE your sign & HOPE it gives 'pause for thought'....!

THANKS for sharing your HOW TO....!!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

NanaDiana said...

I love your sign. I think the exclamation point just lets the person know I MEAN IT! Amazing that some people can be so crabby to someone that is trying to help them.

BTW-on another note. I tried that CrockPot fudge cake and it was wonderful. My son-in-law ate two helpings with vanilla ice cream. Thanks...I am going to post that one day with a link back to your post if that is okay. Hugs- Diana

gina3 said...

I might have to get me some of that transfer paper. So, which one is the wonky letter? I can't figure it out. It all looks great. said...

oh my! I love it! and I love !!!! so, I say leave it!
another great tute. love the scraped letters!
awesome job!

Brenda Kula said...

You come up with the neatest ideas! Leave it as is!

SANDI said...

I Love it! What a wonderful sign. I would leave the exclamation point. Thanks for sharing.

Meg said...

Ha! What a great sign! The tip on painting both directions is wonderful. Did you friend put it up in her store??

Lori said...

Be nice or leave... please!

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