Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh, Baby!

Can I just say~This sink?



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Monday, February 27, 2012

Look What She Did!

A few months ago, a reader named Jessica contacted me and asked if I'd mind giving her  
the measurements of my lockers.
Of course not! I sent her the measurements, and then kind of forgot about it. 
But Jessica didn't!
 Look how great her lockers turned out!!
 She said her husband was skeptical about putting the wire screen in the doors, but now he loves it.
 With three small children, she also said her lockers help hide all the chaos. Do you see the vent at the bottom of the picture? How smart is that? I've got furniture blocking heat vents all over the house. Not so energy efficient, I'm sure. 

I asked if I could share one part of her letter.

"I always love beautiful homes, but I am domestically challenged, to say the least, and thought that I could only dream of ever having a space so lovely. I am so grateful for the inspiration that you have given me. I am slowly learning that just because I don't have a natural talent for decorating my home, doesn't mean that I can't have a beautiful one."

I thought that was so great, and so inspiring. Thank you, Jessica, for sharing with us!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Neutral Spring Flowers

I saw this photo on Pinterest

and was instantly smitten.
Jute twine flowers! 
I found a tutorial on 
this blog and got to work

and made some bunting. These little flowers are surprisingly fun to make!

The larger flowers are made of jute twine, and the smaller ones are plain old cotton string. I used twill tape I bought at an estate sale to string them.

I followed the tutorial, but changed two things. I used finishing nails instead of straight pins for my little "loom", because I had more of them. 
(I don't really know where all my straight pins have gone. It's one of life's little mysteries.)

And when it got to the part where you stitch around the petals, I went around twice instead of once. It kind of gives the center a braided look.

It makes me smile. 
Go check out the tutorial!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Downton Abbey is over until JANUARY next year!
Season 2 was good, though, wasn't it? 
But I'd still get so lost in the sets!
Interior of Highclere Castle
Highclere Castle
as great as the upstairs is
~and it is great~

It's the downstairs that really grabs me. Hello! An arched transom window! 
Scrubbed pine tables! And can you make out that coatrack just behind her head, there in the hallway?
I want one. 
I see something I want in almost every downstairs scene. 
Like that great old cabinet on the wall.
Those huge white bowls. I LOVE the downstairs.
 I just wish the light were better.
Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey, Series II – Part Three
Check out that hutch behind sourpuss there.
Yummy! And the trim around the window. Interesting.
Those built in cabinets are the reason I love scenes that include silver polishing. The caddy is worth drooling over, too.
However, this lady is the other reason I tuned in.
LOVE her!
(and check out that lamp!)

How am I going to be able to wait almost an entire year??

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Remember This Deal?

On Wuslu?
Yeah. I missed it, too.
I went to Tai Pan Trading last week, and look what I found! 

They had 3 sizes, and this was the smallest size. 
The price was more than decent, too. Almost in the realm of estate sale prices.


(Also, I now have chives. My mom and dad read this post, and grew me some. Yay again!)
original designs by JGoode at myJGD.com
Enjoy your day off!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Door Decisions

So in this hallway I'm going to makeover, we have 4 doors. One is a pocket door to the bathroom that looks like this door. We'll call it Door #1.

The other three are the cheapest of the cheap kind of hollow core doors. They will be replaced, and two of them will be on barn door tracks. (YAY!) The other one will be a traditional door with a doorknob.
Part of me says go with the same 5 panel doors that are on the bathroom, for the sake of continuity.
 I found this style of door, and it costs about the same as the 5 panel door. We'll call it Door #2. I like it~it looks more barn~ish to me.  So here are my questions. Should I go with door #1 for all 3 doors? Should the sliding doors be Door #2, and the regular door be like Door #1? Or should all three doors be like Door #2? 
The bathroom door that's the 5 panel style like Door #1 is almost always slid into the wall so you don't see it much, and they'll all be painted white no matter with style I go with. As great as wood stained doors would look, that hallway is way to dark for that.  

What do you think?

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

An Alphabet of a Plan

Here's the problem. We can re-do our hallway. So that's great! Not a problem. I'm excited about it. It's just that these lights below were the ones I wanted. However, once you add all the good stuff, like a larger shade, those metal arms, and the antique key thingy on the side~

It costs over $200. And I need two of them. I wouldn't have enough money left for doors. And I do want doors.
So I found something else.

This is $90 at Home Depot, and I like it. But I'm worried about finding those bulbs close to home. It might not be possible. So it's my Plan B, with slight reservations.
This is around $120 at Lowe's. I do like this one a lot, but it won't work in our hallway. It has a slanted ceiling. So if I can find one that will work with a slanted ceiling, this is Plan C.
Then there's this one.
Weathered Nickel for $90 at Home Depot. It's interesting, and it has that little turn switch thing on the side.
It's Plan D.

Plan E.
 It's about $90 at Home Depot. I like the mellow finish on it. 
(It's not really my last choice. My last choice would be to leave the swirly boob lights we have up there now.)
Which one would you get, assuming you like any of them? Would you paint or otherwise revamp any of them, or leave them as is? Or would you just cough up the dough for Plan A? 
(Or, would you rather I just put on my big girl panties, made my own decisions and left all of you out of it? No...wait. Don't answer that one.)

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crafty Women

There are some crafty women in my family. 
My daughter has been making some really cute wreaths.
This one is for here sister.
Who said she wants to hang it at her station so she can see it when she's cutting hair. 
This is one she's keeping. 

I love the layered buttons! Rumor has it she's making one for me. :)
 My sister in law surprised me with this quilt she made. She's an excellent quilter.
 Isn't it gorgeous?
 I love the colors and the star pattern!
 And I love that every corner is a little different.
This quilt is one of my favorite things!

Thanks for reading!

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