Monday, September 17, 2012

An Air Gauge And An Important Message

Just a reminder~there's still time to enter my Goose Creek Candle giveaway!
(Just enter~you know you want one!)
So someone asked me in the comments what it is that the candle is sitting on. 
(yes, that is a sleeping young man on my couch. I told him if he didn't move, he'd end up on my blog. He was too tired to care.)
It's this. An old air gauge. I thought the crescent moon on the end of that needle was so cool, so I bought it when I spotted it at an antique store. 
(I've been looking for others in different sizes, but so far all I've found was one that was HUGE! It weighed about 40 pounds and they wanted $110 for it, so that one stayed at the store. I had no idea where I'd put a 40 pound air gauge anyway.)
I've been getting more and more comments from people who are listed as no-reply. I just read that when a person switches to Google+, you'll show up as a no-reply. Here's a link to a post that shows you how to fix that.

Thanks for reading!
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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love the air gauge! very cool! and i didn't notice the sleeping boy til you said something. :)

Jamie said...

What a cool idea.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Oh, boy. I see that no reply thingy all the time. You mean to tell me I've been replying and nobody's home?!

Cool gauge! And the candle is pretty, too. Just signed up for your giveaway, thanks!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

That is a great idea but I think I'd pass on the 40 pounder too!

FitNHealthyKal said...

Thank you for identifying the air gauge. Not sure about the comment "thing" When I tried to fix it I got a notice saying that the new blogger would soon be status quo and reverting not an option. I'm not very savvy. My google+ shows that I can receive accounts. Don't want to miss a notification that I won for sure!

Have a blessed day! I am in pursuit of an air gauge for my new Goose Creek candle!

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