Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Are Your Thoughts On Gingham?

I was foolish enough to ask this question out loud the other night as my guys and I were watching TV. If I had to describe the looks on their faces, I'd have to say they were equal parts confusion and dismay.
"Crap!" I thought. "They hate gingham. Now I have to come up with a plan C." 
Finally, the bolder of the two said what they were both thinking. 
"What's gingham?"
I should have known better. They have no opinion on gingham. 
They don't even know what gingham is. 
So I'll ask you guys.
What are your thoughts on gingham? Specifically, gingham flors?
I have what I believe to be the world's oldest and rattiest looking kitchen floor. It's 20 years old, and for kitchen floors that like 140, at least. 
I can't afford to replace it, but I can paint it.
There's already an embossed pattern of squares on the floor, so I think they'd blend in pretty well. I just couldn't paint it on the diagonal. 
I think it would be kind of cute, and something I could stand for a few more years.
I'm just trying to figure out how we'd get buy without using the kitchen for 3 or more days. 

What do you think of gingham? 
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

A 22 Cent Shelf

I'm not kidding. 22 cents.
I already had the door.
It's from my pile of free doors.
One end was trimmed off to make the sides even, then I sanded and scraped. A lot. Then I dry brushed it with some ivory paint I had on hand. 
I also changed out the door plate and the knob with one I had in my stash.
The one that was originally on the door looked too new. But I saved it. 
The shelf on the bottom is just a board that was in the garage. It's screwed into place.
I painted and distressed it using paint I already had. 
My husband hung the shelf using a 6 foot french cleat made from some scrap lumber.
This is a heavy shelf, and we thought that would be the best and safest way to hang it.
I'm trying to decide if I should put a piece of trim under the shelf. My husband says "no!". I'm thinking "probably". Just to beef it up a little. 

So what cost 22 cents? 
A little locking nut that went on the back of the doorknob to hold it in place. 

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dumpster Diving Pays Off

Shortly after my husband first took office (as sheriff) he was walking past one of the courthouse dumpsters and saw these books. He dove in and got them.
They're prisoner log in books for the county jail. The oldest one dates as early as 1913. The new one has entries from as recently as 1990.
They're beautiful books. 
The canvas cover protects the leather binding. 
Even the label is gorgeous. 
But what's really fascinating is what's written inside. People could be arrested for adultery. And murder, of course. 
(But let's be fair~he was acquitted. Although, there are more entries for murder than I would have guessed. This wasn't always the sleepy little town it is now, apparently.)
There are lots of entries for "sickness". I'd like to know if that means extremely inebriated, or if those people were homeless and sick and just needed to sleep indoors. 
And here we have a booking for a group of sheep thieves. And someone was arrested for "Family Trouble." 
I'm guessing domestic violence. 
This is from the newer book. Someone was happy to see the end of 1989!
We also have the old keys from the jail. My husband's grandfather kept them. He was the sheriff here, too. 
Jailhouse chic, no?
My husband keeps these in his office, but when he's through with that job, they're coming home. 
He who dives for them, keeps them. 
Seems fair to me.

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's Revisit The Past

This old chair
I posted about it a LONG time ago. 
I started to work on it last August. 
I even found some fabric 
that looked perfect.
But it wasn't, and I gave up.
 But then I started working on it again.
 I had most of the grain sacks, but stalled when I needed one more for the seat.
 This is VERY imperfect. Almost deconstructed.
 And I'm still trying to figure out the back of the seat.
 Some of the sacks are stained, but it's OK with me. 
Since perfection is so highly over-rated. I used some aluminum tacks on the corners.
(Note to self. Don't use aluminum tacks. They give off some black smudgy stuff that does NOT come off.)
I like it~it's functional and it has personality. 

Thanks for reading!

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