Thursday, March 28, 2013

If You Expect Your French Fries To Be Healthy

Then don't read this. Really. Just skip to the end. There's decor stuff there. 
I've found the secret to perfect french fries. It's a two part secret.
I'll admit, I was put off a little when I found out what part A of the secret is. But then I thought "Hey, you liked them before you knew, what's changed?" 
So here's the story.
There's this hamburger stand, and my husband and I go there for lunch about once a month. I used to go mainly for the fries. They were SO good! But the last few times we went, the fries were different. At an event last week, the owner of the hamburger stand sat by me and we started talking. I told her how much I missed her fries and she was kind enough to tell me how she made them.
Start with a Burbank Russet potato.
(As an Idaho girl, I'm picky about this. My grandpa grew them; I've lived in Idaho all my life and I know a good potato when I see one. Use the russets!)
I use this contraption to cut my fries. They turn out pretty uniform and big, almost like steak fries. 
See? I also don't peel them. Just scrub and cut. 
 So here's the secret. Lard. Yes. Lard. I know. Many of you probably gasped and the yelled "NO! I will NOT use LARD!!!". That was my initial reaction. Except I didn't yell. 
But let's be honest here. There's no way to make a healthy french fry. Sure, there's oven fries, but those aren't fries. They're oven roasted potatoes. And how can eating a moderate portion of really good french fries once a month hurt, much less kill, anyone? 
(But lots of people don't think that way. That's why the hamburger stand owners changed the way they made their fries.)
Are you still with me? Anyone? Anyone?
OK. Good. A few brave souls.) 
So fire up your fryer, and fry those babies for 5 minutes on high heat. 
When you take them out to drain, they'll be golden in color. 
(Different fryers may require more or less time. Just fry until they're this color.) 
Don't salt them yet. You aren't finished. 
Let them cool slightly and then put them back in the fryer for 2 minutes. Trust me. This is part B of the secret. Frying them twice gives you a crispy outside and a soft and mushy inside. A perfect fry.
My husband enjoyed them.
(This is his plate. He's so patient. I made him stop eating so I could take a picture of his food and he didn't complain once. See that mess that almost looks like ketchup? That's fry sauce. It's mainly an Idaho/Northern Utah thing. I think. All you do is mix equal parts ketchup and mayo, then mix in a little pickle juice.)
And that is the secret to perfect french fries. 
You are welcome. 

So, remember way back last year when I started to re-do our hallway? No. We aren't finished. Progress has been seriously stalled. But!
 The lights are up! And some of the walls. 
But I'm mainly showing you the lights.
I love them!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm Shuffling

Stuff. All because of this cute little cart. 
I got it for a song, and thought it was in perfect shape. 
Until I got it home in normal light. Nope. BAD paint job! 
 See the drips? I took it apart, sanded it with some fine grit sand paper and then some steel wool. Then painted it.
 It turned out pretty cute! I was going to put it by my bathtub, which is why I painted it aqua. 
Instead of that little table. Which I love. But, it's...little. However, I neglected to measure. The cart won't fit there. 
 So I put it here. In the laundry room. Instead of this cute cabinet
Which I also love. 
 If I'd realized the cart would be going here, I'd have painted it white. I guess I still could. 
So where is the cute metal cabinet?
 Right here, where the table used to be.
 I think I'll like it here. 
 It's a good place to put all the things I end up wishing I'd grabbed before getting into the tub. 
 And all that space in the bottom will come in handy for storing
All this crap! 
I just need to decide what to do with the little table. 

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