Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Wedding Idea

Ever since I saw this picture on (where else?) Pinterest
I've wanted to do something similar. And I'm not really a lace person~but I think this is gorgeous. Since we have a wedding coming up, I thought maybe we could incorporate something like this in the decor.
 I found some lace panels for sale on our local buy, sell and trade Facebook page. I walked away with five large pieces for a dollar each.
 I also had this frame. I was going to use it for this 
But it was much too big.
All I had to do was cut the lace to size and hot glue it to the frame. 
Imagine this hanging on our porch
(with several others~maybe I'll use some old windows, too. I also have an old screen door...)
They'll be more in the background, but I think they'll fill in some bare spots very nicely. 
But for now, it will hang in our master bath.  
In other news, this young man will be graduating from high school in about a month. 
He's my youngest. 
I have mixed emotions about the empty nest, the next chapter in his life and ours.... 
So maybe I won't talk about that yet. 

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Coolest Overnight Bag EVER!!!

So my second daughter is getting married. 
(Yay! We're all so happy~her finance is a wonderful guy and they're a great match in every way.)
We were in a vintage clothing store looking for a wedding dress (because she's cool like that) and what did I spy?
 This incredibly cool leather doctor's bag. 
 The outside has been around the block a few times, but the lining is perfect. I think that's what sold me on it. 
 Or maybe it was the brass fittings.
(Is it weird that things like that make my mouth water? 
A little? Yeah. That's what I thought.)
It's the perfect size for all my hair and makeup stuff, so it came home with me. 
 All I had to do was give it a coat of mink oil. Now even my husband is jealous of it. I might have to find one for him, just so I can keep this one. 

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

In A Weird Sort Of Way.

I ordered this cool eye chart/calendar thingy from Decor Steals. I LOVE it! But when I hung it up, it looked lonely. I found some other things to hang next to it, but wanted something cool to hang them with.
So I made some thumbtacks. They're just epoxy, tacks and vintage typewriter keys. 
I know. Clearly, I have some time on my hands. 
 However, they're cool thumbtacks, so I won't apologize. 
This is what I hung. An astigmatic test card and some vintage word strips along with the calendar. 
 I think they go together in a weird sort of way.
 And it will be easy enough to change when I'm tired of it. 

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