Thursday, May 16, 2013

Miscellaneous Stuff

 So my hubby went to check the oil in his truck not too long ago, and this is what he found. 
 It was sad, actually. We couldn't leave it there~we need do drive the truck on occasion, and the nest could catch on fire.
 So we carefully relocated it to a nearby tree, but I haven't had the heart to go check on it. 
 On the thrifting front, I found these child sized folding chairs. There were 54 of them in the store, but since I couldn't think of a use for that many, I just bought 4. I believe they need to be 4 different colors. 
 Also, the concrete is poured, and the grass is planted. 
 Imagine it swept~it looks great!
 I'm still coming to terms with this one leaving the nest. I'm not sure how successful I am with it.
(isn't he handsome? My daughter took the photo. Her website can be found here.)
And this girl~she now has her degree. 
I'm so proud of her! 
(that's her fiance~I think they're such a cute couple!)
We saw our oldest son off to New York. He has a design internship there this summer. I'm really proud of him, too. 

Next up~high school graduation, a family reunion, and a wedding!

Thanks for reading!
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Hastypearl said...

Every parent, when things are crazy with the kids, thinks....when are they going to leave??? Then they do!
The unexpected emotions take time to work through.
I finally forbid myself to look at the tail lights when one of them leaves. It's too sad. Usually in a few hours, I am back to myself and know that I will see them again.
Skype has been a god send...
Heres to all the mothers dealing with this inevitable step in their lives:)

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

so much to be proud of with your kiddos! and thsoe chairs are awesome! and praying for the mama bird and her babies.

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

It's good to hear from you! You have a busy summer ahead, without a doubt. Love the picture your daughter took of your son.

Dagmar said...

You will be a very busy women over the next few months..what a beautiful family you have, I am sure your Mother's Day was lovely!

Emily@TheWickerHouse said...

That's Sad about the nest, Fun about the little chairs, exciting about the new concrete and Happy for your family.

cindy the cottage chick said...

AW, how significant that the nest needed to be moved....just like our kiddos need to be moved on to where they'll thrive. Hard and bittersweet for us mamas though.

The concrete looks fab! I wish the cement truck would visit my lot next door to lay the's taking forever to get our ducks in a row for the house to be built.

Bliss said...

Exciting times around Meridian Road. Lots to do, lots to see, and lots of changes for the offspring.


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